Volunteer Program 

The Harbor’s Volunteer Program was established in 1998 to address the challenges of a growing nonprofit organization wanting to do more each year for our children while being mindful of the financial limitations faced by many nonprofits.  The answer was to develop a core of community volunteers who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children.  The simple act of setting aside a few hours each month to volunteer can create immeasurable change at the individual and community level.  We understand and value your time, which is why we tailor our volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule and area of interest. 

Our Volunteer Program offers caring individuals, organizations, civic, social, and employee groups the opportunity to become involved with the Harbor and the children.  While the majority of the volunteer opportunities involve projects and/or the children at our campus in La Porte, from time to time we also need volunteers to assist with projects in our Houston Development Office.  Volunteers work directly with a full-time staff person responsible to the selected area of interest.    

Since volunteer support is essential to the success of the Harbor and our children, we do our best to be flexible with volunteer schedules.  To learn more about the Volunteer Program, or to share your ideas for volunteer projects with us, please contact Christine Shelton, Campus Activities Coordinator, at (281) 471-9622, Ext. 207 or cshelton@boysandgirlsharbor.org

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Additional Information 

Letters of Reference:  Upon written request from volunteers, Boys & Girls Harbor will gladly provide a letter of reference or volunteer verification to current or prospective employers, as well as organizations to which a volunteer is trying to gain membership.  An official letter of reference will be written by the supervising staff member and co-signed by Harbor President & CEO or Campus Director. 

Tax Deductions:  Volunteers may deduct unreimbursed expenditures incurred during service to Boys & Girls Harbor.  Examples of approved deductions include automobile mileage, bus and cab fares, parking fees and tolls.  The value of volunteer time, however, is not an acceptable deduction.  Please contact your local IRS office for a detailed description of approved Federal deductions for volunteers. 

Confidentiality:  Confidentiality is vital to the safety and well-being of the children at the Harbor.  House parents are not permitted to give any background or current information that does not directly relate to the specific contact between the volunteer and a child.  Children are placed at the Harbor for their personal protection and any reference, whether intentional or not, to the child's whereabouts could place that child and other Harbor children in danger.  Sometimes unfortunate or unpleasant circumstances lead children to the Harbor.  Our confidentiality policy offers each child a safe and loving home that is free from harsh judgments and embarrassment.  We ask all volunteers to accept each child on the simple terms that they present to you.