The Harbor Academy Charter School

Many of the children who come to the Harbor have not attended school regularly.  They may be making failing grades and at risk of dropping out of school.  Children often need intervention and consistent support if they are to have a chance at overcoming their education deficits.  To address this problem, the Harbor entered into a partnership with an established charter school to operate The Harbor Academy under their charter as a satellite program on the Harbor campus. The partnership allows the Harbor continue its focus on being a provider of quality residential services, while at the same time having a charter school provider bring their expertise to our children who need additional education support.  The education program has smaller teacher-student ratios than those found in public school classrooms, provides individualized education plans for each student, offers increased choices of learning opportunities, and uses different and innovative learning methods.  The Harbor Academy is an “open enrollment” charter school for children in kindergarten through the eighth grades.  

Harbor Academy Charter School Computer Lab