Host Family Program

Many children at the Harbor spend alternating weekends, holidays, and a portion of the summer with their Host Family.  Host Families are volunteers who invite a child, or children, from the Harbor into their homes to become a part of their family during  Host Family visits.  Spending time off-campus with a Host Family gives children at the Harbor the opportunity to experience the daily routine and activities of family life in the community.  Visits with Host Families include whatever activities they may have planned; for example, going to a sporting event, barbecuing in the backyard, spending time at the neighborhood swimming pool, or going to a movie.  The Host Family program makes it possible for children at the Harbor to spend time away from the campus, meet new friends, and participate in community activities.

Woman With Boy Balloons

If you are interested in learning more about the Host Family program, please contact Arianna Strain at (281) 471-9622 ext.108.  

Application for Host Family Program