Boys & Girls Harbor provides shelter, food, clothing, counseling, health care, recreation, and mostimportantly, a stable family environment for children needing residential care. Children at the Harborlive in homes staffed by full-time live-in house parents.

Children can stay at Boys & Girls Harbor as long as services are needed.

Absolutely not!  Boys & Girls Harbor is dedicated to helping families in crisis and we encourage families to be reunited once the home or family situation has been resolved.

Boys & Girls Harbor believes in families and works hard to maintain positive relationships between family members through visits and phone calls.

No.  Boys & Girls Harbor strives to keep sibling groups together and does not limit or cap the number of children from a family that needs our services.

By voluntarily placing your child at Boys & Girls Harbor, you are asking for our help and support and we will direct you to the appropriate agencies that can help you improve your situation and bring your child home.  If your child is placed at Boys & Girls Harbor, there are guidelines established by the child placing agency that must be followed.

Your child has the option of attending school in one of La Porte Independent School District’s public schools, or they can be enrolled in The Harbor Academy, a charter school program located on our campus.  The Harbor Academy serves children in kindergarten through the eighth grade.

There is no fee for services if you place your child at Boys & Girls Harbor

If you need help getting your child to Boys & Girls Harbor, please contact us to see if we can assist you with transportation.  

Programs include residential care under the supervision of trained house parents for children five to 18 years of age, a transition living program for teens, athletics and team sports, FFA and agricultural opportunities, volunteer host family support and weekend visits, annual summer trip, and an open enrollment charter school.  Each of these program components serves a different function in the overall continuum of care for children at the Harbor.